The History of Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread

The journey to Jeri J’s kitchen on wheels began in a simple tin-roofed house without plumbing or electricity and its here where her mother made fry bread over an open fire. From these humble beginnings, Jeri learned that even when ingredients were scarce, she could create a special dish when it was made with love and care.

In the 1980’s Jeri worked with her mother at the Indian Fry Bread booth at the Payson’s Pro Rodeo and In 2001, she set up her own booth at the Tonto Apache Tribe’s first Pow-Wow, using her mother’s recipe with a few secret adjustments. The demand was incredible and Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread was born. As Jeri J’s popularity grew, she and JJ purchased their signature yellow bus and added a working kitchen to meet the ever increasing demand.

Today, the signature yellow bus with the large, overhead “Fry Bread” sign is a touristor’s destination, and can be found next to the Tonto Apache Tribal Police station in Payson, AZ. They’re open for business every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) from 10-5.


Traditional fry breads are made with flour, dry milk and lard. Jeri wanted a lighter, healthier option for her customers, thus her fry bread contains no dairy and instead, she fries only with pure vegetable oil. It’s these adjustments along with her perfect balance of flour and other dry ingredients that has created an unmistakable crisp, yet authentic and fresh-tasting bread.

If you can’t visit Payson for a taste of Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread, you can have a package of Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread mix delivered right to you. Order one today.

Take Jeri J’s with You

Tourists told Jeri and JJ that they wanted to pack Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread home with them, they created Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread mix in 2011. The 12 oz package is complete with Jeri’s special recipe (just add water), and yields 6-7 delicious, light fry breads. Have a package delivered to you today.