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Experience Indian Fry Bread like No Other

Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread carries on a Native American fry bread tradition with a healthy twist. She creates lighter, thinner fry bread by:

  • Creating a unique blend of dry ingredients
  • Carefully shaping a thinner bread
  • Frying only in pure vegetable oil

Watch her video here!

Lovingly crafted in Payson by hands that learned the art of fry bread making over an open fire, Jeri J puts the same care into her art, just as her mother and grandmother before. She gently shapes the fry bread into thin and light discs, perfect as part of a main dish, or dessert. Watch her video here!

If you're in the area, be sure to visit her signature orange bus in Payson, AZ, otherwise, order Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread mix to enjoy at home! Either way, you'll be sure to experience traditional, authentic Indian Fry bread, lovingly made just for you!


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Read What Jeri J's Fans Have To Say...

"What’s light and fluffy and tastes oh so good? It’s Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread at Mazatzal Hotel & Casino in Payson. Who would have thought you could buy the best tasting Indian Fry Bread from a bus in a casino parking lot? You’ll want to have the ‘taco’ version with all the fixings and another one for dessert covered in honey and powdered sugar. Absolutely delicious!"
—25 Things We Love about Arizona’s casinos Arizona Gaming Guide, Jan 2012
"Grabbing lunch at Jeri J's truck was one of the highlights of our Payson vacation. I dragged my husband out to the truck on the promise that Indian fry bread was something not to be missed. We split a “taco” fry bread and as generous as it was I was sorry I hadn't ordered my own. Jeri's fry bread is really delicious and the whole experience is really unique... Her fry bread is a must taste!"

"Jeri J's Indian Fry Bread is like nothing I’ve ever tasted and the best Fry Bread I’ve ever had. Unlike most Fry Bread, which is thick, doughy, and greasy, Jeri J's Fry Bread is light, fluffy, and super flavorful. Seriously, you can taste the love that goes into her recipe. Once you've had it, there's no going back!"
"...definitely worth checking out! I don't claim to be an Indian fry bread expert, but the “taco” (bean, cheese, lettuce, tomato filled) was terrific, and one with the honey/powdered sugar made a great dessert. The bread is very light, soft and crisp – mmmmm – you gotta try it!"

Where to Buy

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Visit Jeri J’s Fry Bread Stand

where to buy jeri j's indian fry bread

Jeri J’s Signature School Bus Stand can be seen from the Beeline Highway (Route 87)

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) from 10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Experience Authentic Native American history in your own home!

where to buy jeri j's indian fry bread mix

Order Jeri J’s Indian Fry Bread Mix Each 12oz package makes 6-7

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Retail Outlets

Arizona Spice Company

909 East Main Street Mesa AZ 85203 480-632-2168

Black and Tan Tales Crafts

Hobbies & Gifts 38 S. Beeline Hwy Payson AZ 85541 928-474-9711

Heard Museum Shop

2301 N. Central Avenue Phoenix AZ 85004 602-252-8344

Mazatzal Hotel and Casino Gift Shop

Tonto Apache Reservation Beeline Hwy Payson AZ 85541 928-474-6044

Western Village

438 S. Beeline Hwy Payson AZ 85541 928-595-1559

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